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Discover a new level of bedroom luxury at Luxeroom

January 5, 2017

Last Nov. 9, 2016, LuxeRoom opened its doors and welcomed special guests to its spanking new gallery, located at the 4th floor of Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

CEO of LuxeRoom Allan Anthony Aguilera welcomed media and VIP guests, including H.E. British Ambassador Asif Ahmad and treated them to a sophisticated night of royal indulgences.

Helping guests gain a better appreciation of the workmanship put into the luxury pieces, LuxeRoom invited Matthew William Evans, a skilled artisan from UK to demonstrate how the special Vispring bed is made.

Guests were given a first-hand look into the meticulous process of hand-stitching the bespoke mattress. After the evening cocktails, host Tessa-Prieto Valdes kicked off the night’s festivities with an elegant dinner care of Chef Florabel Co. lending to the ambiance were the soothing tunes by the string quartet.

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