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Bespoke Beds since 1901

Vispring hails from England and has been making bespoke beds since it pioneered the world’s first pocket spring mattress in 1901. No ordinary mattress, Vispring is made by skilled master craftsmen and boasts unparalleled support and comfort for a peaceful night’s sleep.

A bespoke bed by Vispring is a testament of supreme luxury and a guarantee of a healthy untroubled sleep. In every bed is the tradition and centuries of perfecting the ideal combination of spring size, tension and resilience with the finest materials nature has to offer.

A Travel Through Time

An English engineer working in Canada, James Marshall developed a handmade support system for his wife when she was taken ill. He used coiled springs wrapped in unbleached muslin, quilted with horsehair and outer tufted. Already used in chair seats and divans, it is unprecedented however to utilize springs in enclosed pockets and integrated into a mattress.

John Nolon and Frederick James saw the potential of Marshall’s revolutionary mattress and decide to promote it in Britain. As local manufacturers resist to adopt the idea, they elect to produce the Marshall mattress themselves. The Marshall Sanitary Mattress Company is established in London on 24 September 1901, the start of the Vispring story.

The company embrace the Vispring name and logo. Over the past few years, it has been using a hare motif – chosen as an illustration of the resilience and bounce of its springs – which is now combined with the Roman number VI: a clever reference to the fact of using six springs inside each sewn pocket.

Vispring’s bespoke comfort mattresses by now has attracted the most prestigious steamship companies of the day. In 1911, the flagship Olympic has now been equipped with Vispring mattresses. The White Star Line once again turn to Vispring for the fitting out of the Olympic’s sister ship, the Titanic. Vispring mattresses adorn each of the vessel’s 39 suites and 350 First Class cabins.

Vispring start to employ the use of pure cotton as a filling for its mattresses. Vispring always stood firm on using nothing but natural materials, but only horsehair so far has been used for upholstery. From now on, Vispring has expanded the range of luxurious materials to include Shetland wool, silk and cashmere.

"Vispring introduces the Vibase, the world’s first pocket-sprung divan as the perfect complement to its iconic mattresses. The combination of a Vispring divan and mattress still provides the ultimate sleeping experience to this day.

Vispring establishes a partnership with Princess Yacht, the Plymouth-based luxury yacht builder. Throughout it’s annals, legendary vessels from the Mauretania to the Queen Elizabeth II has been part of Vispring’s history. For this new collaboration, Vispring continues its tradition and bespoke expertise to create beds that complement each yacht’s individual cabins, to cater with customers’ special requests.

Vispring is given the accolade of the highly prized Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Instituted by Royal Warrant, the Award recognizes businesses that have excelled in the various fields of international trade, innovation or sustainable development, a proud moment for the company.

Vispring continues to expand throughout the world, bringing a perfect night’s sleep to more people while still maintaining its bespoke expertise and crafting beds that are handmade to order just as they were in James Marshall’s day.


Vispring’s bespoke beds combine technical expertise developed throughout its rich tradition and heritage with the finest natural ingredients. Discover what goes into the world’s most luxurious beds.


As Vispring’s name suggest, springs are a precious ingredient in the Vispring recipe. Manufactured in-house from the finest Vanadium steel from a traditional process since 1901. They work in harmony with every Vispring bed to supply a delicate balance of strength and softness. The Honeycomb-nested inside natural calico pockets provide constant support and alleviate excess pressure. With single, double, or triple layer of springs, nine wire gauges and 58 spring types to choose from, Vispring beds can provide that ideal combination for both you and your partner.

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Every one of our beds is handmade to order- just for you.

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