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The Art of Opulence

LuxeRoom is a luxury brand providing bed, bath, and decorative inspirations to intimate spaces with its array of bespoke pieces for the home. From exquisitely crafted mattress and divans, bed linens, and decors, LuxeRoom doesn’t overlook any detail when it comes to furnishing your private sanctuaries.

Established in 2015, LuxeRoom offers to its discerning clientele beautifully curated collections from the best and most distinguished brands from all over the world. With its team of designers and stylists, Luxeroom presents pieces that exude a timeless elegance, stunning craftsmanship, high quality, and a certain simplicity in design. These make for perfect, sophisticated additions to your home.

Achieving harmony and a beautiful
balance in your bedroom

LuxeRoom together with its distinguished brand partners for home and interior design help homemakers transform their home into an experience of artistry and relaxation.

From beautifully woven bed linens from France to wonderfully gilded handworked metal art pieces from the United States, to bold fragrances inspired by the majestic grasslands of Tanzania, each piece brings opulence culled from our partnerships with the world’s most renowned brands showcasing their passion and craftsmanship.

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